Your Global EPR Compliance Partner

Greenstreets can help manage your Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) reporting requirements, wherever you operate.

Why Greenstreets?

  • Knowledge - Deep understanding of EPR / Product Stewardship regulations
  • Trust - Managing EPR compliance for 300 companies on 3 continents
  • Experience - Internationally acknowledged processes and methodologies
  • Technology - Purpose built software, designed and proven to keep your data safe

How can your business benefit from our services?

  • Reduced workload for your team - you focus on your core business
  • More accurate data to give you greater control over your fee obligations
  • Assurance of compliance from a single point of service Europe and Canada
  • Acknowledged methodologies ensuring smooth and efficient regulatory audits
  • Generate business intelligence from your data

Delivering impartial advice and quality assured services. ISO 9001 certified.

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