Is your company compliant with the New Packaging Legislation?

Since January 2019, a new packaging law VerpackG has been in force in Germany, which has changed the way manufacturers and distributors must report their packaging data.

So what exactly are these changes?

  • Before placing packaging on the market, manufacturers must now register with the newly created Central Packaging Register Zentralen Stelle Verpackungsregister (ZVSR). The information from all registered companies is then published on their website.

  • In addition to reporting quantities to their preferred Dual System (Compliance Scheme), producers must also report quantities of material to the ZSVR. This means that all distributors, whether large or small, must submit two data reports.

  • The regulations that stipulate how and what should be reported have also changed, with much more precise information on packaging types and quantities now required.

  • Finally, for maximum transparency, manufacturers will also have to indicate which dual system they have agreed contracts with and for how long.

These changes make reporting time-consuming and complicated, so many companies are now seeking external help on how to correctly complete their registration, licensing and reporting.

Greenstreets' team of expert analysts can manage this entire process and provide impartial advice for you on the best way to meet your business's specific requirements. For further information on Packaging Compliance or for advice on Electronic (WEEE) or Battery waste, please contact Howard Mulligan or log on to our German website