Integrated Data Management System

In 2005 Greenstreets developed its own purpose-designed software - GRIPS™. This integrated Data management system, which underpins our EPR Reporting service was originally designed to:

  • Link packaging specifications to ERP, MRP or Stock Control systems
  • Accurately calculate packaging obligations
  • Produce compliance reports quickly and simply
  • Provide a secure storage repository for your data

More recently additional capability was added to enable GRIPS to manage other waste types including Electronic Waste, Batteries and Textiles.

Most importantly however, GRIPS™ can help to reduce costs by identifying high-cost compliance items and significantly reduce the time taken to prepare data submissions. You are also assured of continuity in the event of key staff moving to new roles, which might otherwise leave your business exposed in terms of complying with the regulations.

By entrusting your compliance reporting to Greenstreets, you can be assured that your annual registration and reporting will be correctly managed, using up to date and accurate data.

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