Packaging Regulations

The European Union (Packaging) Regulations 2014 and 2015 in Ireland promote the recovery of specified packaging waste, imposing obligations and declaration responsibilities on all major producers who have an annual turnover greater than €1m (excluding VAT) and place 10 tonnes or more of Packaging or Packaged products on the Irish market.

If you are a manufacturer, importer, distributor, wholesaler or retailer that exceeds the above thresholds, you are required to either:

  • Join a Compliance Scheme or
  • Become a "Self-Complier" by registering with a Local Authority in your administrative area

Repak Scheme Membership
Ireland operates a single Packaging Compliance Scheme - Repak. Obligated firms who join Repak must provide bi-annual reports detailing the type and quantity of packaging materials put on the market. They must also pay fees based on type and quantity of these materials and whether the business is classified as a brand-holder, distributor, retailer or combination of these categories.

Obligated businesses who opt to self-comply must:

  • register with the Local Authority where your business is based
  • provide quarterly reports on the type and quantity of packaging materials put on the market
  • prepare a 3-year implementation plan
  • pay fees based on the quantity of packaging materials put on the market
  • offer to take-back waste packaging from the customers
  • provide notices at their premises and in the newspapers
  • ensure that 60% of packaging is recovered

Local Authorities are responsible for the enforcement of the Packaging Regulations within their respective functional areas.

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