Producer Responsibility Reporting

Depending on where you operate and the type of products and packaging supplied, your business may have monthly, quarterly or annual reporting obligations. Any changes to your product mix or to reporting regulations can result in significant additional workload for your team. Greenstreets will manage this process, allowing your people to focus on what they know best.

Typical Compliance Reporting Project

Data set-up

  • The first step is to establish a data model using GRIPS™ to assess your product packaging portfolio and determine data gaps
  • With your approval, vendors may be contacted to obtain product or packaging specifications
  • Incomplete data may be supplemented with existing similar data or by selective sampling

Data Reporting

  • Once your data is validated, it is loaded onto GRIPS™ , which enables reports to be generated quickly and easily in the required format.
  • The next stage is to apply your sales data and the report is then ready to be submitted to the appropriate agency or scheme
  • As new products are added or reporting requirements change, your data profile is updated to ensure this is current and accurate

Universal Approach

Our processes and methodologies are widely acknowledged so your business will get the best advice for your needs, regardless of where you operate, or type of waste produced.

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