Environmental and Waste Management Services

Environmental legislation has become increasingly complex and for many businesses it is difficult to justify the cost of a full-time environmental or sustainability manager. At the same time all organisations must be aware of their obligations under the environmental regulations in force.

Failure to comply with these may involve not just legal action and other associated sanctions, but can damage your public image and brand value. By staying on top of this however, you can reduce costs through the efficient use of water, energy and waste as well as presenting a positive impression of your organisation.

Our consultants will assess your environmental needs in a range of areas such as regulatory compliance, environmental permits, efficient usage of water and energy and the overall management of waste. We then deliver these services in the way that works best for you, whether this is on a project basis or under a retainer arrangement, working on or off-site. Some clients choose to outsource their entire environmental responsibility to Greenstreets.

Assessment of your Environmental Obligations

Many companies do not understand their obligations under the various Waste Management Acts in force. These include Packaging, Electronic and Battery Waste, ODS and F-gas regulations as well as a plethora of other environmental legislation. Even small amounts of hazardous substances and waste, such as oil tanks and waste fluorescent tubes can present significant environmental risks. Managing contractors also has its risks, as all waste, electrical and refrigeration contractors require permits and certification. We can determine what legislation is applicable to your operations, assess your current levels of compliance and address any identified issues. A typical project might involve the following steps:

  • Review of the company’s activities and facilities
  • Preparation of a report on regulatory obligations
  • Compliance gap analysis
  • Preparation and implementation of a compliance plan


Our consultants are very experienced in environmental auditing, specializing in the following areas:

  • Waste Auditing
  • Trans-boundary Waste Transport
  • Third Party Auditing
  • Corporate Audit Support
  • Pre-acquisition Due Diligence Auditing