Our Values and Goals

Greenstreets continues to provide practical and cost effective advice on all aspects of EPR and Sustainability Reporting, as it has done for almost a quarter of a century. With a deep background in Packaging compliance, it has been our experience that most companies want simple, straightforward advice, one of the underlying philosophies that drives our business today.

Sustainability is a key word in business today and compliance is an essential element of this, with complex rules that sometimes seem to fly in the face of logic. By trusting in our experienced analysts, widely recognised methodologies and purpose designed technology you can be confident that your business will meet its compliance and other reporting obligations. After all ‘Business is Business’

Greenstreets is committed and passionate about what we do and we believe this shows in the way we work and how clients respond. So, whether you want to offload time-consuming reporting work, manage fees and associated costs better or improve your sustainability profile, Greenstreets is here to help.