Our Values and Goals

Since 2000, Greenstreets has provided practical and cost effective advice to help businesses manage their environmental obligations and reporting. With a strong background in compliance, we have always believed that simpler is better and this is one of the underlying philosophies that drives our business today.

But just because we keep things simple for our clients, doesn't mean that what we do is simple. Sustainability is a key-word in business today and compliance an essential element with its complex rules and regulations that sometimes seem to fly in the face of business logic. We use straightforward language, tried and trusted methodologies and purpose designed technology to ensure that your business always operates within the required regulatory tolerances. After all ‘Business is Business’

At Greenstreets we are committed and passionate about what we do and we believe this shows in the way we work and how our clients respond to us. In fact, we have always maintained that clients are our best sales people. However behind this enthusiasm lies a group of highly skilled and qualified people who understand the issues and know how to help your business. So, whether its simple advice on compliance, help in reducing costs or taking time-consuming work off your hands, Greenstreets is there to help.