UK Government release results on consultation surrounding reduction of Single-Use Plastics

A recent UK Government consultation on the potential of fiscal reforms to assist in reducing single-use plastic waste, has met with significant response rates across many sectors.

The consultation, which was open to public comment between March and May of this year, received 162,000 responses, each offering a number of viable suggestions on reforms to the UK's current fiscal system that will allow for greater changes in plastic consumption. Suggestions offered by respondents include:

  • tax adjustments to shift demand towards using recycled plastic in manufacturing;
  • to encourage more sustainable design of plastic items and discourage those that prove difficult to recycle (such as carbon black plastics);
  • reduced demand for commonly littered single use plastic items, such as single-use coffee cups and takeaway boxes.

The potential ramifications for businesses who fail to acknowledge both public and business opinion on this critical issue will become apparent within the coming months. If you or your business require assistance in developing strategies around this key area, please contact a member of our team for further information on the services we can offer.